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Here some examples of Products from

Manuela Photographie

Below I would like to provide you some Options from Horse - and Objekt Photograpie. Naturally you could get your own requests and interestings in your photos, I would like to realise your own requests … all Photos you could get per E- Mail, Stick, Photo ( also on Aluminium). Also you could get the photos an Textil (Banner/Flags) . . . let you get inspire!

Reining Photographie,

Horses in Action

Set moved Objekts into

Spotlight, to excite emotions.

Price from 95 CHF per animal, incl. 10 Photos in digital….

Portrait-und Body


If you need for sale promotion or for spot annoucements, or only for see your darling everytime…. Price is 145 CHF per animal or objekt.

Your Horse in Action

with you …

If you need for teaching- intentions or for memories - photos in action are always interested….. Price from 95 CHF per animal, incl. 10 Photos in digital…..

Processed Photos

Set your horse in spot! To set your horse in spot, needs a processed photo. This takes a little time, but the result is very effectiv! It seems absolutly professionally! Preis is suitable about effort….

Photos in the right


Happyness often operate in

shadows! At the right time

on the right place …..

Price about expenditure of time, but analog to Horsephotographie….

Photos out of air….

This Option we could only provide restricted … but it gets an amasing view…. Price about arrangement